The Proof is in the Details
  • Fast response to inquiry,
  • Detailed plans and drawings
  • Detailed payment schedule.
  • Detailed options such as electric, water and site work.    
  • Flexible during construction which allows customer to
    change or add on to the structure.  
  • On time and year-round construction.
  • Explains in detail to customers what, when, and why
    during construction.  
  • Has multiple meetings with customers before and during
    construction at no additional cost.
  • Cares about longevity of building.  
  • No pressure sales.  
  • Educates all customers, showing them ways to save
    money without affecting structure.
  • If customer wants a special design, John can visualize
    and draw it and tell you if it will work.
  • Has dependable crew(s).
  • Insured and compliant with workers comp.